This is one iPhone accessory that any iPhone user should always have-- the iPhone screen protector.  Since iPhone is has a touch screen LCD, it will more likely to have scratches from nails or dust and oil from the hands.  We all know how difficult it is to clean the iPhone's LCD or oil and fingerprints.  That's why screen protector is a must and the first accessory that our iPhone needs.Do you want to learn more? Visit best iphone screen protectors .


I once bought this screen protector for my iPhone and I threw it away after a few days of using it.  It didn't have a good adhesive.  I felt like I was having a place mat on a table.  It always moved whenever I use the touch screen.  When I try to put it in its proper place, it got oil and bubbles.  I thought it was just useless. 

Then I found this new screen protector and I was impressed.  First, it is not flimsy.  Second it doesn't get in the way of my use of the LCD and the touch screen.  It also has a very good adhesive.  When pull it up, it doesn't have any residue or any bubbles.

It feels as though I was not using any screen protector.  My fingers glide smoothly and the touch screen responds very quickly which means that the protector is not very thick.  This is my first investment after I bought my iPhone 3G.

I don't like putting my iPhone in its bag because it is bulky.  I just want to put it inside my pocket and just get it immediately from my pocket whenever I need to call someone or whenever somebody's calling me.  That's why I really need a dependable protector.  So far, my iPhone doesn't have a single scratch even if I'm not putting it in a bag.